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About The Company

W-engineering, P.C. is an "S" Corporation and MBE registered in the State of New York. The firm was founded in September 2008 by Douglas Wen, who was previously a founding partner of WM Group Engineers. The objective of the firm is to provide high quality engineering services that are customized to suit individual clients’ needs. The firm’s senior staff possesses over 50 years of experience with the industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. At present, the firm uses in-house staff for mechanical, plumbing and structural work and has an alliance agreement with Frank R. Holtaway & Son for electrical work. Combined, the team has 14 full-time employees.

W-engineering offers consulting engineering services that are customized to benefit the client throughout the project development and implementation process. The services begin with engineering studies and master planning, continue into preparation of construction documents, and extend into field supervision and start-up. The unique strength of the firm is the ability to find simple, low cost solutions to construction and operating problems in the central plant and HVAC facilities. Our specialized services are summarized here.

Combined Heat and Power Partnership
International District Energy Association